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Our philosophy is “When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear”.

We will help you to find the BEST tutor to coach your child towards greater heights! At no extra costs to you!

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Testimonials of satisfied parents

"I am very satisfied with The House of Gurus’ services. The tutor they recommended is currently helping my child overcome her fears of Maths." --- Mrs YJ Tan

"The tutor that The House of Guru got me is a very dedicated tutor. She is a school teacher who can help my child a lot." --- Mrs Goh

"The House of Gurus is very serious about providing me an excellent tutor for my child. The tutor is very professional and highly qualified." --- Mr Ong

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Our track record

10,000 Tutors in our database

5,000 successful matches

500 enquiries per month

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Looking For Group Tuition with Qualified School Teachers with Affordable Rates?

Don't compromise quality because of the budget that you have.

Have access to quality teaching by current or ex school teachers at great rates and have some fun getting to know new friends in our group tuition!

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Looking for Quality School Teachers at Affordable Rates?

Why not consider Group Tuition? Besides getting certified and quality guidance from current or ex school teachers, you will also get to have fun meeting new friends!

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Top Tutors

1 . Mrs Lim

Rating : 30

2 . Kalarani P S

Rating : 28

3 . Goh Boon Wah

Rating : 26

4 . Chia Yin Shian

Rating : 26

5 . tan teck ching

Rating : 25

6 . Harjit Kaur

Rating : 24

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