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"I am very satisfied with The House of Gurus’ services. The tutor they recommended is currently helping my child overcome her fears of Maths." --- Mrs YJ Tan

"The tutor that The House of Guru got me is a very dedicated tutor. She is a school teacher who can help my child a lot." --- Mrs Goh

"The House of Gurus is very serious about providing me an excellent tutor for my child. The tutor is very professional and highly qualified." --- Mr Ong

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Looking For Group Tuition with Qualified School Teachers with Affordable Rates?

Don't compromise quality because of the budget that you have.

Have access to quality teaching by current or ex school teachers at great rates and have some fun getting to know new friends in our group tuition!

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Looking for Quality School Teachers at Affordable Rates?

Why not consider Group Tuition? Besides getting certified and quality guidance from current or ex school teachers, you will also get to have fun meeting new friends!

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Top Tutors

1 . Mrs Lim

Rating : 30

2 . Kalarani P S

Rating : 28

3 . Goh Boon Wah

Rating : 26

4 . Chia Yin Shian

Rating : 26

5 . tan teck ching

Rating : 25

6 . Harjit Kaur

Rating : 24

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The House of Gurus Tuition agency is a reputable for helping you fine the best home tutors in Singapore. We have more than 10,000 home tutors registered with us. We provide best and reliable home tutors for students and parents. Home tuition tutors effectiveness are justified by regular and proper records of their tutoring results and performances via students and parents. Check out feedbacks to get more insights. Read more about us here on how we go about matching the right tutor for your children.

Home Tuition Singapore

If you are a tuition teacher looking for students or a parent looking for home tuition tutors for your child, you have found the best tuition agency. The House of Gurus provides a complete tuition service. Home tuition in Singapore is in practice to aid children’s academic results and to bring in progress. We aim to find the best tutors that fit your requirements in terms of days and timings, experience and qualifications.

As a leading home tuition agency, we are dedicated to bring the most efficient and effective service to you. The tuition coordinators we employed are experienced and well trained. Our tuition coordinators and agents are full timers and they have been in this industry for many years. We are confident to say that there are not many tuition agencies providing tuition services as efficient and effective as we do. Unlike other tuition agencies, we do not require you to commit to the tutor you engage through us for a period. In other words, if you find that the tutor is unsuitable, you can call us to change another tutor.

Through The House of Gurus, you will be able to find the top 10 tuition agencies in Singapore. that specializes in recommending teachers for home tuition. We have the biggest team of teachers for home tuitions. If you are a parent looking for a level tuition singapore or a level tuition singapore? Visit

We provide the best home tuition tutors for Primary school, o level tuition and a level tuition like Mathematics tuition teacher, Science tuition tutors, English tuition tutors, Chinese tuition tutors and Physics tuition tutors, Chemistry tuition tutors, Biology tuition tutors, English Literature, Geography tuition tutors, History, Principle of Accounts, Economics and Social Tuition teacher for Primary School, Secondary and Junior College (JC).

Many of our past customers include leading educators, principals of tuition centers, and school teachers in Singapore. If you are serious about finding a best tuition teacher for your child's home tuition, engage a teacher from The House of Gurus. We assure you that our teachers are reliable and our tutors would be able to exceed your expectations.

Home tuition in Singapore, children’s academic results and progress can be regarded as the top priority of every parent. Recent years, it is evident that home tuition becomes vital and plays an important role in helping most of the students to cope with the current fast paced and competitive learning environment in Singapore.

With professional guidance of a qualified and experience private tutor, not only a student’s learning progress is well-monitored, the student’s understanding can be fulfilled, this leads to better recognition of what were initially taught in school. Tuition teacher who specializes in that subject can prepare your kid to be better equipped to handle class work and exams.

Home Tuition Tutors in Singapore

We have more than 10,000 home tutors in Singapore. They range from experienced tution tutors and current school teachers to graduate full time tutors & undergraduate tutors from all locations in Singapore. We have the largest, active base of home tutors in the home tuition industry in Singapore.

Top tutors record feedbacks from clients about tutors they engaged in the past. We aim to assign tutors who have consistent records of positive comments from clients. We would blacklist tutors who underperformed or are irresponsible. In addition, all our tuition coordinators and agents are with us for several years and have clinched hundreds of assignments; some of them even know our tutors by heart and they have the expertise to match a suitable home tutor in no time.

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